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'Bernie Bros' Debunked in New Poll

       For a number of months, the media directive in the U.S has been to tarnish one of its own progressive candidate's, a senator from the state of Vermont by the name of Bernie Sanders. But to much of their dismay, the progressive candidate has led in every poll in the U.S since February of 2016. This new poll by Quinnipiac finally puts the question to rest, completely.

        The poll starts off with the favorable and unfavorable, with women Sanders pulling a 50% favorable and 34% unfavorable; while with men, he trails at 46% favorable and 42% unfavorable. So this actually means that Bernie Sanders has a higher net favorability rate with women than men. Breaking this poll down even further, with Blacks the Senator holds a 70% favorable and 10% unfavorable. With the Latino/Hispanic base, he holds a 55% favorable and a 21% unfavorable. And finally, among whites, Sanders holds a 43% favorable with a 45% unfavorable.

      Now some could say that this is just one poll and possibly an outlier but in fact, a Harvard-Harris poll was done back in 2016 showed nearly identical results. Showing Bernie Sanders had a 58% approval rating with women, 55% with men, 73% with blacks, 68% with Hispanics/Latinos, and a 52% with whites.

For many months, nearing over a year, the majority of major news outlets have been pressing a completely false narrative that Senator Sanders has and still is unilaterally supported by single, heterosexual, white men. Over the past few months, there have been several polls disproving that myth but none have been of this weight or magnitude. This new Quinnipiac poll swiftly puts an end to all discussion on that matter. This false premise that the Senator is a "candidate" or a "politician" for the white middle class is officially debunked.

       Though the many (news media outlets) will not report on this because it goes very much so against their narrative, and disrupts the natural framework for a 2020 presidential run, we the people need to move forward with our information, we the people need to rise up and take a stand, and ensure the safety of our nation and our planet by electing progressive and forward thinking candidates by removing all the negative falsehoods that lay round them.

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  1. Bernie the most favorable politician in a poll where Biden ranks higher in favorability? What? That's just dumb. And my dude this same poll shows 55% WOULDNT VOTE FOR Bernie. This post is an embarrassing and tries to paint a narrative based on the fact people aren't going to read your source and just take your word on it.

    1. Arshes, thank you for your comment in letting me know my mistake. I never actually realized but when writing this article I never actually changed the title back to it's original posting. The original intent of this article was to dispel the myth that there was such a thing as a "Bernie Bro". My apologies for making it seem as though I was obscuring the facts. I have changed the title to reflect the original meaning of the post. Thank you, in the future I will pay much more attention to my titles and how they can turn the narrative of the entire artcile.

    2. More over, looking through the article I found that not once did I ever mention that Berine was the most favorble politician based on these to polls alone. Nevertheless, thank you for letting me know my mistake.

  2. @Arshes He's the most favorable ACTIVE politician. There are plenty of non-politicians and retire ones with way higher favorability than any politician. As soon as they (re-)enter politics, it tends to plummet to similar levels, as they come to policy-specific scrutiny.

    Or what can you tell about Biden as a Presidential candidate? He has a charismatic smile and is a nice grandpa figure?


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